About OkeyTrail® products

The idea for a different type of decoy bag started to bake in 2014. After a long day of duck hunting, I started thinking about ways that could make the packing of all my equipment easier and not feel like a pack mule. I had tried many different types of decoy bags, carts, and sleds but I knew there had to be a better way.

I hunt in private ponds, swamps and public waterways. Most private ponds are located in the middle of a field and the owner does not want any vehicles driving on the property. A swamp is always difficult to carry equipment in and out, and I never knew what I was getting into on public land. At times it meant hauling all of my equipment back and forth spending a lot of time during the setup or setting up a blind in advance only to lose my spot to another hunter.

So, I started experimenting with a different style of decoy bags using a 1917 Singer. After many tries, I finally came up with a design that worked, and I have been using these bags ever since.

While using these bags in the field, I had multiple hunters ask me where they could get them. After explaining that I made them, they wanted me to make them one. This encouraged me to start thinking about starting a company.

In 2016 I heard about the Startup Weekend at Zane State Collage and decided to pitch my idea there to see if it would appeal to other individuals that were non hunters. I had already started the patent process and formed a team to think through this idea to see if I could make it into a business. By the end of the weekend, I had set up my first commercial meetings and I won 1st place. Since then, I have developed new products and sold them throughout the country at different venues as well as online.

Thank you for your interest in our products.  They are proudly designed and assembled here in the USA!