All OkeyTrail® decoy bags are made with TrueTimber® camo patterns with a 600 Denier coating. They are sewn in Ohio Amish Country by Stitches USA.

The TrueTimber® patterns are DRT on the left for waterfowl and New Conceal on the right for turkey and deer.

OkeyTrail® decoy bags are not worn like a back pack or carried like a satchel. They are designed to be worn around your body with the weight of the decoys evenly distributed and your hands are free to carry your gun and other equipment.

You can clip multiple bags together, in any combination, to carry more decoys if needed. In the picture above, I have clipped two 6 Pocket Duck Decoy Bags on the same shoulder strap to carry a dozen decoys. Or, you could clip a Waterfowl Decoy Bag to a 6 Pocket Duck Decoy Bag and carry 2 1/2 dozen decoys.